About ZivugZone

My name is Moshe Coan. I am a psychotherapist and marriage counselor in private practice. I have been counseling singles and couples for over 15 years.  ZivugZone is a culmination of my work in the area of personality compatibility matching. Utilizing scientific research that supports “the compatibility principle”, I have created a unique matching system that matches singles according to personality, religious observance, and other key criteria. My proprietary matching system effectively narrows down the universe of potential candidates and only shows profiles that are compatible.

"You're running the best possible method for a dating website in the orthodox world." C.R.

"I have tried most of the other orthodox dating websites and your model is the best so far...It is clever and brilliant on a number of levels. I'm a fan and will spread the word." B.R

What is most exciting is that ZivugZone members have gotten engaged and married!
I think that you will find using ZivugZone to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  It’s very user friendly and easy to navigate.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at moshecoan@zivugzone.com

PS:  Don’t forget to tell me when you get engaged!

PSS:  The couples whose photographs are displayed in the slide show presentation on the home page were married on ZivugZone. You could perhaps become one of them!